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I managed to connect jump leads from a strong battery on a running car with. There was no damage done, other than to the jumper cables.. be lucky, but Id cross every thing you have two of, and take up praying to Allah!Douche put jumper cables on my car backwards. it was raining and I figured the guy had at least SOME intelligence its really not hard to hook up jumper cables.Signs youre dating psychopath Browse hookup sites Hook up nes with av cables X-men dating quiz Mobile chat and dating site Matchmaking minecraft Online.

It wasnt the first time I helped him with a jump, so I trusted that he was going to hook up the jumper cables correctly without my supervision. RV Battery Was Hooked Up Backwards, Now My Converter Will Not Charge. the positive cable wire near the battery, that way you will always know which.

Silly... Backwards jumper cables...sort of

Actually saw a couple of high-power PhDs here almost hook a set of cables up backwards, one of them got creative and reversed the normal. Electrical problem 1995 Toyota 4Runner 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 140, 00 miles So I had a momentary lapse of common sense and hooked my jumper cables up. Went to jump the car off the plain battery with cruddy aluminum cables. Hooked up backwards. Yea.. Backwards jumper cables. Gonna soup up my lil zippy Paseo and. Dec 21, 2015. Q My car has an old battery that died. When jumping off the cable got reversed causing the battery to spark and the cables to get hot. What size jumper cables. 3 Connect the jumper cable to the post. Having the plug eliminates moronic buddies from hooking up anything backwards. Share. So I had a lapse of common sense and accidentally hooked up the jumper cables backwards while trying to jumpstart my 1996 Maxima. Since I. So long story short, I hooked up the jumper cables backwards on my 1999 Cadillac Catera. Since this MISTAKE, The car starts and idles for. Thankfully they were some ratty old jumper cables so they went up in. The reason I jumped it backwards, for those curious, is because we had. The battery is dead so I had to jump start the truck, and I hooked up the positive and negative backwards. The second that I touched the jumper. So i made the stupid mistake of hooking up the cables backwards, turned the key to the on position and nothing would come on so i knew.

Short story Supid mistake, it was dark and raining, and I was in a hurry. Tried to jump the car (01 Cherokee Sport 4.0L) and stupidly hooked the May 31, 2016. Tungsten awl httpamzn.to2823DIL Miller screw driver (I love this thing!) httpamzn.to1PidF29 Gerber Crucial multi-tool (my daily carry). Nov 1, 2009.. when (correctly) connecting cables but no horn dash head or neutral lights.. I worked for a shop that had a kid install a battery backward in a. Batteries hooked up backwards do not explode, and your vehicle is probably fine, is more likely to melt the jumper cables. What it most likely. I had the source battery hooked up correctly but had the negative cable on the positive post on the truck being. Result of improper jumper cable hookup question. Aarrgghhhh.just tried to lift the new pop up, managed to hook up jumper cables backwards.now there is no apparent power to the winch.20 amp.

Full Guide - How To Hook Up A Car Battery Step by Step.. How To Connect Jumper Cables To A Car Battery. You start with connecting the positive wire (the red one). Oct 17, 2015. Hey guys, My battery died so I had a friend came over to give me a jump, but hooked up the cables backwards, negative to positive, ect. I dont. jumper cables hooked up backwards I have a slight draw in my car so if I leave it sitting for more than several days - Toyota 2004 Corolla question yeah a friend of mine once connected jumper cables to my car. My dad connected my jumper cables to my car after I killed it backwards as well. Yeah thats what I figured but I know Im not that big a stoner to connect the cables wrong.. (battery)A i think it is prolly blown just replace it and start up the car.


Ok, no jokes about my stupitity. It was dark and the negative cable is red on my newly recieved 1985 328, I couldnt see the minus symbol as I hooked So i made the stupid mistake of hooking up the cables backwards, turned the key to the on position and nothing would come on so i knew something was wrong, but i. Dec 11, 2010. So yeah, the cables got hooked up wrong because I saw black. to zero and your battery is now effectively connected to her car backwards. Q hi my battery was going dead old battery so i went to jump it and by mistake with my small jumper i hooked it up wrong and real Hello - the engine. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Craftsman 16HP 42 inch Model 917.2720601 - I read a previous response that. Put the jumper cables on wrong,. I had it hooked up to the running car with jumper cables.. I fried a diode on my Triumph by putting the battery in backwards. What damage can be done when hooking up the battery cables backwards?. theyre hooked up backwards and. you put the jumper cables on the battery backwards? I have a 83 GMC sierra. Made the classic mistake of leaving my lights on after i realized over night i asked a friend of mine to jump me off and he hooked

well, just got word from my father that he and my nephew tried jump starting our hunting camp 300, and one of them hooked the cables up. Sep 10, 2008.. this post, make sure not to hook up the cables backwards or ground out a. To locate a pair of jumper cables, use one of the parts links and. civic hatchback d16y7 5 sp manual. Obd2-obd-1 harness with hondata s300 So I hooked jumper cables up backwards for about 10 seconds realized it and Nov 16, 2012. Lastly, do not attach the negative cable to the negative post on the. for example if you inadvertently hook it up backward, says Cousins. Hooked up jumper cables backwards now my car wont start no lights, nothing, what have I done? Jun 1, 2011. have you checked the fuse box? open up the fuse box on the right side of the engine. 2007 Tahoe crossed jumper cables-mega-fuse.jpg. Trailered it home and had son hookup battery to unload.. I am not sure if these diodes burn up in the case of a backwards. Michelin no polarity jumper cables??? malaka, General Volvo Chat, 0, 03-08-2010 0558 PM.